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Hello, I'm Pamela Welch. I was born and raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I want to start by saying that working with a Nation Wide Company like Mossy Oak Properties is one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. In 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 I was nominated for Agent of the Year. This award goes to the TOP Agent who had SOLD the most in the entire year, Nationwide. They nominate 5 of the top agents every year and I was so lucky to have been one of those. In 2018 and 2019 I was so proud to be one of these but I did not receive the award. For 2020, 2021, and 2022 I DID RECEIVE THE AGENT OF THE YEAR, NATIONWIDE AWARD!! This makes me not only the first female to receive the Award, but also the first Agent to EVER receive it 3 years in a row!!! This was a very proud moment and a very rewarding moment in my career! In 2021, there is a new award called RAINMAKER, this is for the top agents that had the top 5 most transactions in a year's time. I was proud when I was announced Rainmaker award winner for 2021 & 2022!! In my career with Mossy Oak Properties, I have currently received 22 pinnacle awards which are given every quarter to the top 10 top agents! I want to thank all my clients who have used me, referred me, and who have spoken highly of me!

My family and I now reside in Cave City. I am married to my best friend and partner, Arlon Welch, who is also a Mossy Oak Properties Realtor. We have 3 children, twin girls, and a son. Both girls have chosen the medical field and our son has chosen to follow in our footsteps! As parents, we are so very proud of the young women and man we have raised! We are now grandparents to 4 grand babies and love every minute with them. It was at my grandparent's furniture store in Jonesboro that I discovered my true passion for selling. I spent countless hours as a child alongside of my grandfather learning how to buy, sell and trade. Between the 20+ rental houses he had to a furniture business I was always there right beside him every step he made! I have been selling ever since and LOVE it.

I also was introduced to cattle and hay cutting at a young age in Imboden, Arkansas where my grandparents had an 80-acre cattle farm. As an adult, I drove a tractor alongside my husband where we farmed as many as 6,500-row crop acres. I have spent many hours driving tractors and working outdoors. We now have a cattle farm, Commercial Offices, Rentals, Building Houses, own an Insurance Company, and Own a Mossy Oak Properties Franchise. In 2015 my husband and I built 8 OMP Broiler houses and sold them in 2017. I personally have sold many poultry farms and love to specialize in these! Buying or selling a Poultry farm is different from just any other farm but we have the staff to take care of it. I can help you if you are looking to buy or sell your FARM.

I work alongside my husband, Arlon Welch who has farmed his entire life until we both got into real estate. Arlon is one of a kind in his field! He has and is developing many properties for large duck clubs, clearing land for house places is doing what he LOVES! Arlon has a work ethic like NO other! As for helping you develop your next property, he is your guy. If you are looking for row crop ground, duck hunting land, prime deer, and turkey land, you will not find anyone better than him to help you! Throughout the years, we have met several investors and they are always looking to purchase farmland, duck holes, and timberland. Never hesitate to call if you have a piece of land you want to be sold quickly! We just may have your buyer! Arlon and I both LOVE the outdoors so give us a call to look at your property ANY day of the week, and we will be there! We also work closely with clients who have a 1031 Exchange or want to do a 1031 Exchange. Some may not even know what a 1031 Exchange or a Reverse 1031 is, that is where we come in! We are both Land Specialists so helping you comes easy!!

In March 2017 my husband and I had a wonderful opportunity to buy a Mossy Oak Properties Franchise and move it to Cave City and that is what we did! In December 2017, I had the opportunity to get my Broker License so I did! I am now the Broker/Owner of this office. I am proud to be with such a great team of professionals. Everyone and every piece of property I get to work with are very important to me.

As most would think that Mossy Oak Properties does not sell houses but that is WRONG! We list and sell houses every day! Some are in town and some are with acreage. I LOVE selling houses. I love everything I get to do when I list a house from helping you stage it, possibly bringing in someone to help clean or organize it, to bringing potential clients in to view it! I take PRIDE in selling houses!! If you are looking to sell or buy I would love to help you. I will not only help you get started on the journey but I will see you through to the END!! I also work with the lenders to help assist those that may have never been through this to those who have done this several times. I LOVE helping first-time home buyers!

Let me be your personal real estate agent and help you with some of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT decisions in your life. In the end, you not only have me working for you but our entire Mossy Oak Properties Team!

When you LIST or BUY with me, you not only get me, you get my husband, Arlon Welch! Some properties take more than one person and we know that! This is the beauty with us! We are a TEAM! Call us and let us prove it!! LETS PARTNER!!

We can't wait to hear from you! Do not be scared of the process, that is what I am here for! No property too small or too large!!

First time buying land, house, business, or commercial property, we will help! We have local agents and land specialists in your areas! We cover All of Arkansas!! We will drive to you!! Call or text me today!! (870)897-0700

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